Progress photos of the Barton Road / 215 Interchange in Grand Terrace, CA. Updated Approx twice weekly.  For more information visit SBCTA

If you would like to use my photos, please contact me via the link in the menu.

6/30/2019: The North bridge begins to take shape

4/21/2019: Work on the abatement walls continue while drainage pipe is laid for the northbound onramp.

4/7/2019: The central support pillars have been completed. Work begins on the abatement walls for the new bridge section.

3/25/2019: Work begins on the central pillars that will support the new bridge section

3/9/2019: High overview of the interchange complex. The old bridge section has been demolished and soon crews will begin construction the second new bridge half.

2/24/2019: The Big Switch, the new bridge section is open for traffic as demolition of the old bridge has started. 

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